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Alternative Cable Repeater (SALT)

The diagnostic alternative cable repeater (SALT) enables PROFIBUS communication over non-standard cable. Rotary switches allow setting the impedance. The user can verify the bus signals with the built in oscilloscope which is identical to the COMbricks SCOPE repeater module and accessible through the web server.

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PROFIBUS networks that have not been wired with proper cable or where it is mandatory to use existing twisted pair cable are not uncommon. This product is an excellent tool to modulate PROFIBUS signals on non-standard infrastructures. It can also be used to increase the idle line voltage on segments where interference causes communication disturbances. The large connectors allow specialty cable and more cable stress.

• PROFIBUS communication over non-standard cable.
• Idle voltage increaser for EMC sensitive applications.
• Impedance tuner for poor segments.
• Structures where large PROFIBUS connectors are required.

The repeater channel and the integrated oscilloscope are directly connected with the ProfiTrace OE core in the Head Station. Scope images and busmonitor data are directly available in the web server. The data traffic is constantly monitored for glitches which are digitally filtered out. It is able to drive 31 devices and has increased signal strength.

2 Rotary switches, one for the middle resistor and one for the 2 pull-up resistors, manipulate the values of the termination network. The combination of both set the impedance and the level of the idle voltage. At the other end of the cable another SALT repeater or the T1-PEPPER has to be placed (termination at both ends of the cable).


Electrical and Mechanical
• 1 Bus channel
• 31 devices/bus-loads per channel
• No limit in cascading
• Removable screw terminals

• Transparent for all PROFIBUS protocols
• 9.6 kbps – 12 Mbps (auto detection)
• 2 bits delay time (12 bits in redundant mode)
• No address required
• Bus redundancy (selectable)

• Termination range (MIDDLE): 94 .. 940 Ohm
• Idle voltage range (PULL-UP): 0 .. 5 V

• Frequency: 192 MS/s
• Resolution: 50 mV
• Differential range: -6.436..6.436 V

Web server
• Oscilloscope images of connected devices (diff.)
• Last, Min, Max bus signals
• Bar graph of connected devices
• Email on telegram errors and low bus signals

• 4 Networks selectable with switches
• 10 Modules (positioned in the first 10 slots)
• 400 mA current consumption

• Operating temperature: 0..60 °C
• Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 25 mm
• Weight: 120 g


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