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RS 485 Intrinsic Safety Barrier

The COMbricks RS 485 Intrinsic Safety barrier is capable of creating segments for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. It complies with the specifications for PROFIBUS DP in IS segments and drives 31 RS 485-IS PROFIBUS DP devices. ProfiTrace and an Oscilloscope are integrated and also suitable for Intrinsic Safety.

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The RS 485-IS barrier is the only available product for remotely monitoring IS segments over Ethernet from the safe zone. Because of the permanent mounting of the barrier, the user does not have to touch the installation anymore. This avoids hot permits and other paper work.

As an alternative it can also be used as a busmonitor on existing IS segments created by 3rd party barriers.

The IS barrier can be mixed on the backplane with other COMbricks modules like, the PROFIBUS PA, Fiber Optic and regular RS 485 modules.


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