SPC3 ANSI-C Software

SPC3 ANSI-C Software

The SPC3 ANSI-C software driver takes care of the interface between the SPC3 ASIC and the application. It initializes the PROFIBUS ASIC and delivers the application some easy-to-use functions, to handle the input/output data, diagnostics, parameters and configuration.

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The software has been implemented in an enormous variation of devices, such as: actuators, controllers, transmitters, frequency drives, weighing equipment and remote I/O. Almost all of these field devices have been officially certified at accredited testlabs.

An 8-bit architecture allows the software to be used with Intel as well as Motorola microprocessor architectures. Some examples of the CPUs which were used in these devices:

  • 80C188EB
  • 8051
  • H8
  • M16C62/M16C60

With this software a rapid development of a PROFIBUS DP-V0 slave is guaranteed!



  • Complete ANSI-C source code
  • 8 bit architecture
  • About 8K compiled code
  • Easy to use


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