PROFINET Rodent / Outdoor / Ground Cable UV FC

PROFINET Fast Connect cable with an additional layer for protection against rodent attack. The outer sheath is unaffected by atmospheric UV-radiation at above-ground installation and is suitable for direct burial. The double layer of galvanised steel tape in combination with the PE sheath makes it also crush resistant. Due to its double shielding it is suitable for installation in EMC demanding areas.



Electrical characteristics

  • Impedance: 100 ± 15 Ohm
  • Loop resistance: < 115 Ohm/km
  • Signal run time: < 5,3 ns/m
  • Crosstalk Attenuation: 50 db/100m (100 MHz)
  • Attenuation: 19,5 dB/100m (100 MHz)

Mechanical characteristics

  • Construction: 4 x 0,64 mm (22 AWG)
  • Wire type: Solid conductor
  • Cable thickness: 9,3 mm
  • Weight: 124 kg/km
  • Sheath and wire colors: Black and WH-YE-BU-OG
  • Fast Connect (FC): Yes
  • Minimum bending diameter: Repeated 10X ø, Single 5X ø

Environment and approvals

  • Operating temperature: -40 to +70 °C
  • Jacket/sheath: PVC and PE
  • UL listing: No
  • Halogen free: No
  • Sunlight resistance: Yes
  • Resistance to oil/grease: Limited
  • Flame retardant: No


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