ProfiTap Industrial – PROFINET Monitoring Interface

ProfiTap Industrial – PROFINET Monitoring Interface

ProfiTap Industrial is an interface for monitoring PROFINET networks. An essential tool for PROFINET engineering, especially to check the connections and performance of IRT and other real-time applications.

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The monitor port of switches is unreliable for monitoring; it can be occupied or is not forwarding all traffic. The load on the Ethernet port of the laptop is also too high with IRT applications because 2 channels are merged in one. The ProfiTap has a USB link with the laptop that streams the captured messages to the accompanying driver, which emulates an additional Ethernet port on the laptop and hands the messages over to any application.

The ProfiTap also prevents the laptop to send out messages on its own initiative, which could jeopardize the real-time behaviour and security of the network.


Product features

  • Usable for most PROFINET/Ethernet monitoring tools
  • No loss of messages
  • Time stamped messages
  • Does not endanger the real-time behaviour
  • No security hazards
  • Is not visible for switches/devices
  • Grounding concept is not disturbed
  • Driver works on XP, Vista and Window 7 platforms


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